Thursday, June 25, 2009



いや、これはこれでエエ感じかも~~なんて思うのですが(左の写真)、私のLOMO LC-A、どうやらちっとも治ってない(勝手に治るわけないか、やっぱり^^;)。36枚撮りのうち18コマまでしか撮れてませんでした。しかも所々明らかに写りがおかしい・・・のはエエのよ、ちゃんと36枚撮れてさえくれれば!!><

I knew this would happen:((

Well, I think this photo is OK; I love this photo myself, but the problem is my LC-A doesn't seem to have got well, which I expected. It doesn't work right: the camera only made 18 photos though I loaded a 36 exposure film:( And
that some of the outcomes have wrong exposure amount.
I want a compact camera now, but I won't but an LC-A, though I have thought it was the best camera for me.

camera: LOMO LC-A
film: Ferrania Solaris 100


  1. oh, what a pity! but I like this unexpected effect from LOMO.

  2. ◆Fenny
    I love the unexpected effect, too. So I'll be really really sorry if I may not be able to use my LC-A!