Sunday, May 29, 2011

after all these years

w/minox GT-E + Kodak Royal 100
I picked out the camera, loaded a roll of film, and hopped out. It's been years since I last used the little German camera, minox GT-E. I love its size, but it burns battery power very soon for its size, and the last time I used it the results were not good: some frames were not exposed at all. But now that my loved LOMO LC-A is completely broken, I felt like going out with GT-E. Well, the results were almost the same; I loaded 36 frames of film, and almost half were unexposed. *sigh* I don't know what's wrong with the camera. I guess I'd better not use the camera? But I love the colors and texture it made. I didn't have the photos printed (just developed) so the photos I posted here are scanned ones from the index print! So all the pictures lack sharpness. (I also scanned the film, but my scanner couldn't read the right colors:(( The lines are sharp enough, though.)
Hmmm, I'm not well off so I can't have all my favorite cameras repaired at once. Which one comes first?
何年ぶりかなぁ、GT−Eを使ったの。小さいから絞りとか距離とかあわせづらいけど、でもこの小ささ軽さが好き。LOMO LC-Aが壊れてしまった今となっては、LC-Aより小さくてかっこいいこのカメラ、前にどうもおかしかったけど活躍させよう!と思って引っ張り出してフィルムを入れたのでした。が、やはり戻って来たのを見ると、前と同じく未露光のコマが半分近くある〜。そんなこともうっすら予感していたので、今回はキタムラに現像だけ出したのでした。だから、今日アップしてるのは全てインデックスプリントをスキャンしたもの。シャープさに欠けまくりなのはそのせいです。色は好きやなぁやっぱり。フィルムもためしにスキャンしたけれど、やっぱりスキャナがあかんわ、色が出ません。でもちゃんとシャープなとこはシャープに撮れてるみたいだというのは確認できた。

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PostWind: Misaki singing at a livehouse

PostWind: Misaki singing at a livehouse by +akane+

The two of PostWind, an acoustic duo from Naruto (tokushima), are progressing.
They had their first live with other bands the other day.
See other pics on my facebook album. Thank you:))

p.s. I have uploaded to facebook some pics of the other bands on that day.



Friday, May 27, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #13 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #13 (random post)

sous la pluie; w/CONTAX Aria

Today it's raining here in the same way it did on that day I was in Paris. It was raining rather hard but not a few people had an umbrella with them as you see in this photo.

The rainy season, Tuyu in Japanese, has begun. It started earlier than usual. We'll have a lot of rain, which adds to the anxiety of those who live in areas affected by the Earthquake. The ground has been loosened by the disaster. I hope we won't have any further damage.

But aside from that, though I'd better not say perhaps, I love rain. It's lovely staying home on a rainy day listening to the sound of rain. I also love the sound of rain drops step on pebbles in, say, temple sites or riversides. It's really beautiful and soothing.

I sent the zines to all who had ordered. Thank you so much, but wait for the arrival another while, please.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Kitten Blue やっぱりたまらんなぁ〜>w<



A cute kitten was rescued and is kept at the cafe where I often spend time. Sooooo lovely! Wish I could take him home. *sigh*

Saturday, May 21, 2011

fun with a new toy

21/52: good at being cute  (52 weeks of "meet the cat") Yes, I got iPhone at last. But it looks like I will email even less often than before.  I don't use it very much outside home either. It's totally a new toy for me rather than a mobile phone and I love playing with it at home:D
I've swung back to film cameras. That's a side effect of getting the iPhone. When I prepare to go out I think to myself, "I have my iPhone as a digital camera, so I don't need to bring another digital one." And I don't shoot with iPhone as much as I expected. I feel very much at home, being myself.

My email address on mobile has changed. Sorry for not letting you know the new one. If you need it, pleas mail me via gmail or flickr mail. Thank you:))



Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone
Lens: Helga Viking
Flash: Off
Film: Ina's 1935

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #12 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #12 (random post)
Seems like I've caught a cold, maybe? I found a burning pain in my throat when I woke up. I went to work nonetheless. And now the aching throat is just the same.
I guess I should sleep now. I apologize to those who ordered my new zines that I've been slow to send the packages, but give me another while. Thanks.


photo: une vitrine dans une galerie / un passage ; Paris


Thursday, May 12, 2011

new "zine"s

Img_0093 I have been working on my new little zines, and comleted now.
1. "au coin de la rue de Paris"  ¥1,000 (12cm x 17cm when closed, 24pages + cover page + a photo card)
2. "sakura sakura sakura" ¥1,000 (12cm x 17cm when closed, 32 pages + a photo card)
(in the pic are the cover and zine of "Paris", and an additional photo card for "sakura")

If you order both, I'll pay the shipping cost! I'll donate 40 % of the price to some organizations helping people and animals affected by the Quake and Tunami.
You can order or ask me questions via comment or email (tengteco[at mark] Thank you.


1. "au coin de la rue de Paris"  ¥1,000 (12cm x 17cm when closed, 24pages + cover page + フォトカード1枚)
2. "さくら さくら さくら" ¥1,000 (12cm x 17cm when closed, 32 pages + フォトカード1枚)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #11 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #11 (random post)
"Go, carousel, go!" -- a modern version of the merry-go-round:)

It was raining that evening which was my last day of the travel, but still it looked like people were enjoying themselves all the same.

Today it rained and I enjoyed the sound of rain:))



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tomato red

Pic352_2 It's been hot for the last few days and tomatoes taste even better and sweeter. Yes, the season for tomato has come:))




w/ BessaflexTM + Carl Zeiss Flektogon 2.4/35mm

Monday, May 09, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #10 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #10 (random post) A stall of sausage and  snacks. It was nice of the man to have me try some and take a photo.
I found so many kinds of yummy-looking  things but it's a shame I didn't buy any there. I just tried out and took photos;p
Walking in a marché is such a fun:))



Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Birthday:))




Saturday, May 07, 2011

selfish but adorable

w/C.Z. Planar 1.4/50mm
年をとってもなお健在、なお元気なネコズは、遊びも全開。ヨーダはすっかり忘れていた猫トンネルにけっこうはまった様子(more photos on my facebook album)。この通り,得意顔(?)です。タビの匂いが染み付いてるせいか、他の2匹を交互に入れてみたけれど、シマはもちろん、コマもあまり嬉しくなさそう・・・。マッサージされる方が好きやね,うん、そりゃそうか。

w/Olympus Pen F; 2004

Thursday, May 05, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #9 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #9 (random post) パリ旅写真の冊子も出来上がったし、ちょっとは旅の話も(帰って来た時はトラブルの話しかしてないような・・・)。


友人にはお昼にモンパルナス名物のクレープをおごってもらった。Merçi beaucoup, Olive:))

à Montparnasse, Paris

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Waiting for the cafe to open, we strolled around the site and shot a lot. Today was a day of fun and laughter. I have wanted to go somewhere overseas deadly, but it's also nice to drive to not-so-far places and discover some lovely things with friends. 

Well, I feel sorry I didn't go to Kyoto during sakura season this spring. (I had been visiting the city for the last 5 or 6 years, and it had become some ritual to me in spring.)



Tuesday, May 03, 2011

in yellow sand storm

sparrow in yellow sand storm
Suffering from yellow sand storm typical at this time of the year. The air is very dusty; you'd feel as if you're in a smoky room. Mountains don't look beautiful because of that.  But birds are busy catching bugs and making their nests. Hurrah!

I've been posting some digital photos on my facebook, and this is the link to my album page. I wonder if it can be seen by those who don't have facebook acount. I use several spaces to post my digital pics, but I found facebook most useful and easy to use because I can upload more than two pics at once directly from iPhoto. I don't like the design of the facebook page very much, but who cares? ;DD

今日はさらに黄砂がひどい。なんだかうす暗くて緑もきれいに見えなくて。写真日和とちゃうなぁ。せっかく気持ちが盛り上がってたのに。久しぶりにminox GT-E(ああ,ちんまくてなんて可愛い♪)に電池とフィルムを入れたのに。昨日はそらぐみさんで友達に会って、カメラの話で盛り上がり,そのまま植物園へ行って花を撮ったりしたのでした。てんとう虫が可愛らしかったな〜。facebookのアルバムにデジタル写真をアップしてます。


Monday, May 02, 2011

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #8 (random post)

au coin de la rue ~ Paris #8 (random post)
w/CONTAX Aria + Carl Zeiss Distagon 4.5/18mm

When I arrived in Paris at night, I went over to la Tour Eiffel before my hotel. It was good for me because I had no time to visit the girl the days after during my travel:))
Well, they say Monsieur Eiffel said the tower is his daughter, if I remember correctly, but from right below it looks just gigantic:D but beautiful.

パリに着いた夜、メトロで遠回りして宿へ行く前にエッフェル塔へ。 この後の3日間では行く暇がなかったので、これは正解でした。

冊子 "au coin de la rue de Paris" 完成です。